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STEM Careers: T is for Technology

This is the second in a series of posts designed to shine a bright spotlight on one segment of the STEM career path. We have already discussed Science. Today our focus is on Technology.


You have such a wide variety of jobs in technology to choose from that it can seem somewhat confusing or even overwhelming. Today I’ll provide a list that represents just a sampling of the different types of careers available in technology. Feel free to add your ideas in the comments section below.


Network, sale cialis sale Database, or System Administrator: Nearly every company and organization relies on computer networking databases and systems to manage their data, tadalafil to communicate internally, and to produce work for their customers. The administrator essentially designs and/or ensures proper functioning of those systems so that businesses can run smoothly and uninterruptedly.


Web Designer, order buy Developer, or Master: These positions are involved with designing, developing, and maintaining websites for businesses, government agencies, and even individuals. They ensure that the website is functioning properly and giving users the optimal experience when interfacing with the site.


Game Programmer: As a game programmer, you could create characters, settings, and puzzles for the game; write and code the game; provide animation and art; and manage the project so that the game could be released on time and on budget.


Software Designer, Developer, or Tester: In a role in software design or development you would be writing and creating software that solves problems for users. As a tester, you would make sure that the software being created works as it is intended to.


Green Technology: The energy and automobile industries, among others, are focusing more and more on using such green technologies as wind, hydropower, and solar to power our cities and homes and electricity to power our vehicles. There will continue to be an increasing number of career paths in green technology well into the future.


Interactive Multimedia: A person in this line of work uses graphic and web design skills, combined with audio and video production development, to serve clients, to market products, and to establish brands.


We interact with an increasing amount of technology in our daily lives. And, looking forward, products that have yet to be invented will further change the way we live and work. How exciting to contribute to the next big technological breakthrough!  Studying and working in technology is the way to become a part of it.


Karen Purcell

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