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Valuable Information on College Internships

The article, “Tight College Internship Market Signals Need for Students to Prepare Earlier” by Caralee Adams includes valuable information about internships, how they are changing, as well as my advice for college students that are trying to find and succeed in various internship opportunities. Check out the article if you want to gain a valuable […]

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Being the Boss: Strategies for Supervising Male Employees

We previously discussed the issues surrounding attrition of women in STEM. If you are one of those focused, goal-oriented, tenacious women who figure out how to have it all and stay in their STEM field, chances are you are going to rise through the ranks and find yourself in a supervisory capacity at some point. […]

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STEM Spotlight: Susan Fitzpatrick Shares How to Get – and Stay on – the Right Career Path

Susan Fitzpatrick, president of the Association for Women in Science and vice president of the James S. McDonnell Foundation, has observed that in the earliest stages of a woman’s STEM career, situations tend to be highly individual. “As long as you get into a good lab and they give you two feet of bench space,” […]

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STEM Spotlight: Tracy Drain Discusses Respect and Confidence

In today’s STEM spotlight, we will hear from Tracy Drain on how to cultivate respect in your position and gain confidence along the way.   Now a systems engineer with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Tracy Drain was a recent college graduate and brand-new engineer in 2000. Having been hired to work in a department with […]

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