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Fox & Friends Details

I will be in New York this weekend for my appearance on Fox & Friends.  You can watch me Sunday, viagra pills November 24th, pills at 6:20am EST!


Video: Attaining Work, Life and Family Balance

Balancing work and family can be challenging for any woman, but especially for a woman in a male-dominated field, such as the STEM fields. In this video I go over what I feel are the three things that are imperative to being successful in attaining work-life-family balance. Karen Purcell

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STEM Spotlight: Susan Fitzpatrick Shares How to Get – and Stay on – the Right Career Path

Susan Fitzpatrick, president of the Association for Women in Science and vice president of the James S. McDonnell Foundation, has observed that in the earliest stages of a woman’s STEM career, situations tend to be highly individual. “As long as you get into a good lab and they give you two feet of bench space,” […]

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Finding a Mentor

In an earlier post I shared a list of programs that girls can get involved in to support their pursuits in STEM. Another powerful strategy to use is finding, keeping and relying on a mentor to guide you on your path. At an early age, if we feel like we aren’t getting the advice and […]

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The Math Myth: Boys Are Not Better at Math Than Girls

In our culture, there is a prevailing notion that boys are somehow inherently better at math than girls are. This dangerous assumption is at the core of the gender imbalance that exists in fields of study and work involving math, such as engineering. When most people, including educators, have a subconscious idea that math is […]

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Video: Goal of Unlocking Your Brilliance

Please check out this video to understand the goal of my book, Unlocking Your Brilliance. Karen Purcell

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Why Do Women Leave Careers in STEM?

As females, we faced tough challenges in deciding to enter a STEM discipline, confronted gender imbalance in our studies, and overcame bias in order to land a job in our chosen field. Even after we establish ourselves in our careers, we continue to encounter career-ending traps. After overcoming so much to come this far, why […]

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Video: Career Options with an Engineering Degree

There are many different career options available with an engineering degree. Learn more with this video or in this related blog post. Thanks! Karen Purcell .

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